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Interstate 40 by John Loudermilk

Ludlow truckers

(6-27-2013; 11:47 PDT) Newberry Springs CA [i40] - Interstate 40 near Ludlow is prone to frequent major truck accidents. Drivers fall asleep and collide or careen off the highway. Damaged trucks are towed to Newberry Springs, across the street from the Bagdad Cafe, where salvageable inventory is loaded onto other trailers for transport. Refrigerated and frozen foods are given to local residents, including the Cafe.


(6-27-2013; 10:31 PDT) AZ & CA [i40]

Colorado River

(6-26-2013; 19:43 PDT) Needles CA [Colorado River] - Early summer 120 degree day in desert center.


(6-23-2013; 21:47 MST) FLAGSTAFF AZ


(6-23-2013; 12:05 MST) Winslow AZ

Scrappy dog

(6-21-2013; 15:25 MDT) Window Rock AZ - Scrappy rogue dog roams capitol city streets of Navajo Nation.


(6-7-2013; 19:20 MDT) ALBUQUERQUE NM [Hiland Theater] - Mayor Richard Berry introduces Robert Redford to AFME.

(6-7-2013; 20:08 MDT) ALBUQUERQUE NM [Hiland Theater] - Robert Lynch of Americans for the Arts entices Robert Redford to talk about the West during AFME.

Albuquerque Folk Festival

(6-1-2013; 11:17 MDT) ALBUQUERQUE NM [Balloon Museum - 15th Annual Folk Festival]

(6-1-2013; 22:19 MDT) ALBUQUERQUE NM [Balloon Museum - 15th Annual Folk Festival] - Singer songwriter Consuelo Luz on the Jemez Stage.


(6-1-2013; 22:56 MDT) ALBUQUERQUE NM [Balloon Museum - 15th Annual Folk Festival] - Alternative country band Porter Draw closes out the Sandia Stage with a set of short high-impact outlaw songs.


Williams to Albuquerque & beyond

(5-3-2013; 18:14 MDT) AZ & NM [i40]

Barstow to Needles

(4-30-2013; 16:24 PDT) Barstow-Needles CA [i40]